Radiation Viewer ~ Decommission 19 October 2018 (see below)

Reeve Observatory - Anchorage, Alaska  USA
Geographic coordinates: 61.19928 °N : 149.95652 °W

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Red curve: Coincident Counts per Minute
Green curve: Trendline

This page automatically reloads the latest radiation curve every 5 minutes
Radiation data is updated every 10 minutes

Radiation Monitor: Dual BlackCat Systems GM-10 with Coincidence/Anti-Coincidence Detector

The above chart shows the number of counts per minute that channel A and B
simultaneously detect radiation indicating possible cosmic origin

Radiation Monitor commissioned 3 May, 2011

Monitor decommission 19 October 2018 because of chronic software instability problems that have existed, but the developer has not fixed, for several years now.