Stanford University - California

150 ft Parabolic Reflector Dish Antenna - White Dish and Marlin Blue Support Structure.

Railroad Track for Rotating the Antenna.

Control Room. The console on the right has elevation and azimuth controls and a nice digital clock (right side of console). A PC monitor is on the left of the console. The equipment racks on the left of the picture contain equipment for testing GPS satellites.

VHF Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna Used as Feed on Dish Antenna (1 of 2 Found On-Site). The I-beams at the bottom are mounted at the feed.

150 mm Diameter Air Dielectric Coaxial Cable Found On-Site and Obviously Discarded. Referring to the first photograph above some of the coax may be seen in-service. Look for a black tube snaking its way up the support on the right, looping at the hinge and working its way through the dish structure, then along one feed support arm and finally to the feed at the end of the tripod. Mike Cousins, who has operated the dish since 1970, said that after installation of the coax they had a fire near its point of entry to the control building when testing it with a 40 kW transmitter. There were some copper filings left inside the coax from cutting and fitting and they ignited - a true smoke test.

Umbrella Antenna Found On-Site, function unknown. Note Chicken-Wire Ground Plane.