Lightning Data Viewer (StormVue) for Alaska ~ Out of Service for Upgrades

Reeve Observatory - Anchorage, Alaska USA
Geographic coordinates: 61.19934 °N : W149.95636 °W

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There are three viewer controls available at the top of the display:
(1) History: 30 minutes (default) and 60 minutes - (2) Range: 300 km and 600 km (default) - (3) Event: Loop Stop (default) or Run

This page automatically reloads the latest lightning data at 1 minute intervals

Sensor: Boltec ANT-1 + StormTracker PCI, commissioned 27 July 2008. OOS temporarily for upgrades 01 November 2017

Map source: Alaska Interagency Coordination Center,

This viewer is NOT to be used for protection of life or property