After the pictures below were taken, the sensor package was moved
to another corner of the roof.

Weather station wireless sensor package.  Photovoltaic panel is
on front of white enclosure at front of package.  The 900 MHz
transmitter stub antenna can be seen protruding just above
the white enclosure at the top-right.  The black truncated cone
houses the rain sensor.  Below the cone are temperature and
humidity sensors in a ventilated cylindrical enclosure.  Above
and to the left of the sensor package is the spring, insulator
and wire of an unrelated long-wire antenna.

Weather station wind direction and speed sensors - conventional
vane and anemometer.  Vane is oriented True North.

Weather station building mounting arrangement and structure details. 
The pipe mount is 2 in. galvanized rigid steel conduit that tapers to
3/4 in. GRSC on which the wind sensors are mounted.

Long view of overall installation on building roof at upper-center of
photograph.  The original weather station package was installed in 1998
but entirely replaced in April 2008.