MWA Active Crossed-Dipole Antenna Ordering Information


The MWA crossed-dipole antenna may be ordered as described below. A brief technical description and application information is here.

MWA Active Crossed-Dipole Antenna

We offer the original MWA crossed-dipole antenna, which consists of four self-supporting bat-wing blades, central hub enclosure for the dual low noise amplifier assembly, adjustable feet for leveling the antenna, two 7 m phase-matched coaxial cables and all fasteners and hardware except the ground screen. This antenna is identical to the antenna used in the MWA and shown below but it is broken down for easy shipment. The components that make up the antennas are ready for field assembly using common tools.

The shipping configuration depends on the number of antennas ordered. The shipping carton for one complete antenna is approximately 21 x 15 x 6 inches (0.5 x 0.4 x 0.2 m). The shipping weight for one complete antenna is approximately 6 lb (3 kg).


Item Description


Availability *

MWA-ANT MWA crossed-dipole antenna including dual LNA assembly US $225.00 2 to 4 weeks ARO
MWAPC-Q MWA Power Coupler with quadrature coupler US $745.00 2 to 6 weeks ARO
MWA-BFR MWA Beamformer Assembly Inquire Inquire
SHIP Shipping Determined at time of shipment  

* ARO: After Receipt of Order; shipping usually is within 2 weeks


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Important - Read This Before Ordering or Inquiring

The above image shows a "Tile" of 16 MWA antennas and a beamformer assembly. Not shown is the MWAPC, which is not used with a Tile.