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Important - Read This Before Ordering or Inquiring:

Language: We conduct all business using USA English language. We do not respond to inquiries in other languages.

Shipping terms: We sell all items on the basis of ex-works and do not make exceptions. We will not ship an order until all charges are paid. See also Shipping Point and Shipping Method.

Shipping point: Some items are shipped from our facility in Anchorage, Alaska USA. Other items are drop-shipped by our OEMs and distributors. Therefore, the shipment origin may be Anchorage, Alaska USA or other locations in the USA. Our invoices will show separate shipping charges for each location.

Shipping Method: We usually ship using United States Postal Service (USPS), and we usually select the method that provides full value insurance. Insurance on USPS shipments is not available to all countries. Other shipping options are available, including UPS, FedEx and DHL. Shipping charges will depend on the destination.

Freight forwarders, shipping agents and third parties: There will be an additional US$200 charge for orders that involve shipping by any method other than UPS, DHL, FedEx or USPS. We will assess this charge if a freight forwarder, shipping agent or a third party is involved in the shipping. This charge is necessary because of the astounding amount of time-consuming paperwork and coordination that is required to ship using these methods. Blame current world affairs for this inconvenience and extra cost. We will inform customers when items are ready for pickup, and it is the customer's responsibility to coordinate with their agents for pickup at the shipping point. See also International Orders below

International orders: We do not ship to most middle-eastern countries because of customs requirements and shipping regulations. Orders from middle-eastern countries will be shipped only to a USA or European Union member country destination. International orders MUST include customer's telephone number. We will not attempt to process your order without it. Customs declaration paperwork will show the full value of the items ordered. On invoices for goods sold over US$300, there will be a charge of 5.0% of goods sold invoice amounts to cover extra handling and paperwork associated with international shipments.

Insurance:  Where available to the destination, orders will be shipped with insurance for full value. The United States Postal Service does not offer insurance to certain countries and the amount of insurance available for shipping to most countries is very limited.

Taxes, import duties and tariffs and customs and brokerage fees on international orders: Our quotations and invoices DO NOT include taxes, import duties or tariffs, or brokerage fees. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine and pay these charges on their own initiative.

Payment: At this time, we accept payment by US Postal Service Money Order (limited to US$1000.00), bank wire transfer (see below), Wise (www.wise.com) and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. We DO NOT accept checks or other forms of payment unless buyer already has a business relationship with us. All payments must be in US funds. We do not accept payment in non-US funds. Customer's are responsible for exchanging their currency into US funds. Unless noted otherwise on the invoice, all terms are CASH IN ADVANCE (CIA). We also may accept payment by PayPal but discourage buyers from using it because of PayPal's poor and constantly changing business policies (see also below). Wise is our preferred method for international orders.

Purchase orders: We accept purchase orders from colleges and universities and business enterprises in the United States but proof of business license, financial references and prior approval may be required. We also accept purchase orders from non-US colleges, universities and business enterprises but prepayment is required in US funds and we cannot ship the goods until we receive payment. All purchases on account have NET 30 DAY terms.

PayPal: PayPal significantly adds to our costs and we must charge a PayPal Surcharge equal to 4.7% of the invoice total including shipping and insurance charges and other surcharges. When you receive the invoice from us it will include the PayPal Surcharge as a separate line item. If you decide to pay with another method, you may deduct the PayPal surcharge from your invoice. To use PayPal, buyers will need to have a PayPal account in their residing country. The requirements to send payments through PayPal vary from one country to another, so buyers should verify their PayPal account policies before ordering. We discourage using PayPal because of their poor and constantly changing business policies.

Wire transfers: Wire transfers, particularly international bank wire transfers, may incur additional charges because of bank fees. The bank fees generally are US$25.00 per transfer but are often waived by the banks. A buyer wishing to use this payment method must specify it at the time of order. Our invoices provide bank information for transfers. We often have problems with international bank wire transfers because buyers do not use the correct bank form or do not fill it out completely. This always causes delays in the shipment.

Returns: Individual kits and optional accessories are returnable and refundable only if the package is returned to us unopened. Return information will be included with the packing list on the outside of the package.

Special orders: A special order is any order for five or more units of any part number. Because we do not stock components in large quantities and only build our products on demand, special orders that we have accepted or acknowledged or have ordered components for are not cancelable.

Damaged or missing shipments: If your order arrives damaged or does not arrive at all, please contact your postal service or carrier. If insurance is available to your destination, you can file a claim. After we hand the shipment to the carrier, we have no control over its delivery. We supply you with tracking information when it is available. After the US Postal Service hands the shipment to an overseas carrier, the tracking may end in some cases depending on the country. Tracking usually is available from time of package pickup to time of package delivery for most shipping services including US Postal Service. We always will ship by a method that has tracking if tracking is available to buyer's destination address.

Tell us what you would like to order: Specify the items part numbers and quantities you would like to order and provide your shipping address including postal code so we can quote shipping charges.

To place an order or inquire: Contact us at the following address. Put the text "Order Inquiry" in the subject line or else your inquiry may be caught by our spam filters and your inquiry will not be delivered: