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Reeve Engineers was established in 1978 by Whitham D. Reeve, P.E. in Anchorage, Alaska, the largest of the fifty United States. The company's business is based on the practical application of engineering, construction and testing methods to telecommunication facilities. We serve all types of network operators including ILECs, CLECs, and IXCs as well as telecommunications equipment manufacturers.  See Telecommunications Engineering for a description of services offered.

At the request of client companies, Reeve Engineers has developed a series of presentation and hands-on training courses for telecommunication engineers and technicians. The presentation courses are available for delivery anywhere in the United States, while the hands-on courses normally are delivered in the company’s laboratory and training facility in Anchorage, AK.  See Telecommunications Training for more information on these courses.

Although Reeve Engineers primary business is engineering services and training, we also act as an expert witness on legal matters concerning all technical areas of telecommunications and the application of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) to telecommunications.  See Telecommunications Forensics for more details.

We have extensive field experience with construction management, acceptance testing, and installation supervision.  As a result, we frequently are called on to provide applications assistance and technical support to installation and operations people.  This support is based on industry standards (primarily ANSI, IEEE, TIA and Telcordia) for general technical assistance, but we also are familiar with many manufacturers and equipment and can help with their field deployment.  See Applications Support for additional information.

As part of our training and technical support efforts, we have developed laboratory facilities equipped with all of the types of equipment we support in the field.  This includes three end-office/tandem switching systems, digital loop carrier equipment, channel bank and primary multiplexers, repeatered T1-carrier transmission, DDS (subrate digital loops), HDSL, ISDN BRI & PRI, and xDSL.  Please note:  The Reeve Engineers laboratory as described here was mostly decommissioned in early 2008 and replaced by equipment and systems described in more detail in Laboratory Facilities.

A client list and some of our current projects are listed at Latest Projects & News.  

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Reeve Engineers is privately owned and is not a publicly traded company.


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