Solar Radio Spectrogram Viewer

Reeve Observatory - Anchorage, Alaska  USA
Geographic coordinates: 61.19928 °N : 149.95652 °W

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This page automatically reloads the latest spectrogram every 5 minutes. Spectrograms are produced by Callisto-Pi during local daylight hours.

Radio Telescope: CALLISTO Receiver on 50 ~ 1300 MHz Log Periodic Antenna (Callisto frequency range is set as indicated on the chart)

Receiver commissioned 12 February, 2011

Read the Spectrogram as follows:

The spectrogram is a pixel array 3600 samples wide x 200 channels high, and each pixel has a time, frequency and intensity value.

The bottom horizontal scale shows a 15 minute interval in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The top legend indicates the date of the chart and station.

The left vertical scale shows the frequency range in MHz.

The colors indicate intensity of the received emissions according to the scale on the right relative to the background noise level. This scale is logarithmic and shows the relative values in dB. 

The solid and dotted horizontal lines and bands are radio frequency interference.