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Callisto-Pi & Callisto-Pi2 ~ Raspberry Pi Application for Callisto

Application: Calllisto-Pi and Callisto-Pi2 are inexpensive applications that automatically produces spectrogram images from Callisto FITS files:

  • Accepts via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) data file periodically produced by the Callisto instrument PC

  • Converts the FITS file to a spectrogram Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image file

  • Sends a disposable copy of the spectrogram image to a worldwide web or local web server via FTP

  • Sends a date/time-stamped copy of the spectrogram image for archiving to a local storage device such as a Network Attached Storage (NAS), USB hard drive or USB flash drive

Real-time spectrogram images produced by Callisto-Pi

Ordering: Two versions of the Callisto-Pi are available:

P/N CPI-1 Callisto-Pi platform is available for ordering. It includes a Raspberry Pi model B+ computer platform, preprogrammed 8 GB micro-SD memory card, an aluminum enclosure as shown below in silver and 5 Vdc 9 W ac power adapter with interchangeable worldwide ac input plugs. Wi-Fi adapter available as an option - please inquire.

P/N CPI-2 Callisto-Pi2 also is available. It includes a Raspberry Pi model 2 computer platform, preprogrammed 16 GB micro-SD memory card, internal dc-dc converter and associated filters and an extruded aluminum enclosure as shown below in gold (other colors are used). The Callisto-Pi2 operates from 9 to 15 Vdc and uses a 2.1x5.5 mm coaxial dc power jack. AC adapter power supply and Wi-Fi are available as options - please inquire.

Complete documentation, which explains how to setup the Callisto-Pi and Callisto-Pi2 for user environments, may be downloaded below. For users who already have a Raspberry Pi platform and power supply, a preprogrammed Callisto-Pi or Callisto-Pi2 memory card only may be ordered - please inquire.


Callisto-Pi and Callisto-Pi2 operate identically. Callisto-Pi is supplied as a Raspbian image file on a micro-Secure Digital (micro-SD) memory card in an SD carrier. It is compatible with the Raspberry Pi model B, model B+ and model 2 (RPi B, RPi B+ or RPi2, or just RPi). This application requires no modifications to the RPi and does not require a keyboard, mouse or display.

The RPi must have an adequate power supply and be connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) via wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi device. If the spectrogram images are to be sent to a worldwide web server, the RPi also must be connected to the internet through the LAN. The user specifies FTP server and client information and local environment by text editing a file on the Callisto-Pi or Callisto-Pi2. See documentation for additional details.

Real-time spectrogram images produced by Callisto-Pi2 at Anchorage, Alaska USA

Block diagram:



  • Platform: Raspberry Pi Model B+ (also works with Model B)

  • Power supply required:
    p/n CPi-1: 5 Vdc, 5 W minimum
    p/n CPi-2: 9 to 15 Vdc, 5 W minimum

  • Software: 8 or 16 GB micro-SD memory card in SD carrier

  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet (also may be configured for 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi with user supplied Wi-Fi adapter)

  • No keyboard, mouse or monitor required

  • User configurable using an SSH terminal





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