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Reeve Observatory - Anchorage, Alaska  USA
Geographic coordinates: 61.19928 N : 149.95652 W

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Decomissioned 5 October 2021

Aircraft location plots are updated every 3 minutes, and this page automatically reloads the latest plot every 1 minute

The plot date and time in UTC are shown in the lower-right corner

Range rings are 25 nautical mile (40 km) intervals around receiver location, and aircraft altitudes are in feet

Aircraft location determined by Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B)

Sensor: Flight-Pi with FlightAware  receiver and DPD Productions ADS-B collinear dipole antenna, Commissioned 2 March, 2018
Note: Flight-Pi replaced the original Radar Gadgets PlaneGadget receiver commissioned 2 November 2010