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Simple Aurora Monitor - SAM-III - Magnetometer (our Model M3)

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The Model M3 magnetometer data acquisition system consists of the following items:

This system is called our model M3 because it is the third magnetometer in our observatory.  It is more commonly known as the Simple Aurora Monitor, or SAM-III.  The SAM-III is available in kit form and we produce the kits for distribution everywhere in the world except Europe.  If you are interested in purchasing a SAM-III kit and associated accessories, click here.

The SAM-III uses the Microchip PIC16F877 microcontroller and is capable of measuring the output from three magnetometer sensors (usually setup to measure the X, Y and Z components of Earth's magnetic field).  Click here for a description of the magnetometer sensors in our application.

The microcontroller measures the period of the magnetometer sensor output and applies offsets and other adjustments to achieve a specified sensitivity and resolution.  An output threshold may be set through software and dry relay contacts are provided for alarm activation.  The signal processor functions include a real-time clock and digital-analog conversion of the microcontroller's digital output.  In addition to a digital output channel that can be uploaded to an FTP server, the signal processor has two analog output channels for direct display on an analog panel meter or other indicator and includes signal balance and level adjustment.

The SAM_INI software allows offsets and adjustments to be preset, and the SAM_VIEW software provides a chart of the SAM outputs; for example (click image for real time data):

Click here to go directly to live real time data.

Click here for a block diagram of the data acquisition system including the signal processor, sensors and PC interfaces. 

See below for photographs of the model M3 signal processor.  It replaced the original M2 signal processor on October 11, 2010.

M3 bare printed circuit board (component side) prior to installation of the components

M3 Processor PCB after installation of components

Signal processor (right) installed in the optional plastic enclosure