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3-Axis Simple Aurora Monitor Kit Order Information - SAM-III

The SAM-III Kit is a sophisticated semi-professional magnetometer system designed by Dirk Langenbach and Karsten Hansky.  The SAM-III allows real-time sensing of Earth's magnetic (geomagnetic) field. 

We distribute the SAM-III kit everywhere in the world. For worldwide orders, click here

Download the SAM-III Brochure

The primary application of the SAM-III is in the sensing and study of geomagnetism.  The correspondences between geomagnetic storms, solar events and solar wind, aurora and radio propagation anomalies are well-known.  The SAM-III will be a useful instrument to radio astronomers, radio amateurs, aurora photographers and experimenters. Click here for specifications and description of the SAM-III and to download the construction manual and software setup guide.

The SAM-III is available in kit form but we offer a PCB-build option (see Build option below).  We do not recommend this as a first-time kit but if you have technical inclination and an experienced helper, can solder or learn to solder, and know how to use a PC, you will have fun building the kit. 

The SAM-III software is not plug-and-play but installation is as simple as copying a few files to a new folder and determining the serial COM port to be used. Installation requires no more than a few minutes. The software makes no changes to the Windows registry and has been tested with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.


  • The kit includes complete construction and setup manuals on USB stick
  • We provide email technical support for kit purchasers. When contacting us, please remember we work on this project in our private time and it is unlikely you will receive an instant reply
  • If you have a question or problem that we cannot resolve, we will put you in contact with the designers (same limitation as above)
  • If you damage components during assembly or testing, we will sell you new ones at our cost plus postage
  • A Groups.io has been established for users to discuss applications and problems in English and called SAM-INTL

Production Runs

SAM-III Kits are prepared in limited production runs using private time and effort.  We do not procure parts in large quantities, and we setup production runs to satisfy only current demand.  Please take that into consideration when you place your order.  If you would like to order the SAM-III Kit in quantity, please contact us for a delivery schedule before ordering.  The SAM-III Kit includes over 100 components. The original SAM Kit (1- or 2-axis) has been retired and is no longer available.

The SAM-III Kit part numbers SK3-1, SK3-2 and SK3-3 include

  • Controller and keyboard printed circuit boards (PCB)
  • PIC16F877 microcontroller and 16 MHz clock crystal
  • Logic and analog op-amp integrated circuits
  • Voltage regulator and voltage conversion integrated circuits
  • RTC-72421 Real time clock integrated circuit
  • Real time clock battery
  • Semiconductors
  • Resistors and capacitors
  • Pushbutton switches
  • Pluggable terminal blocks for connecting input/output signals to SAM-III PCB
  • Coaxial plug and jack for dc power input
  • 4x20 liquid crystal display, STN yellow/green with yellow-green LED backlight or blue/white with white backlight (depending on stock on-hand)
  • Ribbon cables and connectors
  • Insulated wire for power and EIA-232 interface connectors
  • DB-9M connector for EIA-232 serial interface
  • Null modem cable, DB9F-DB9F
  • CD with application software and construction and setup manuals
  • Magnetometer sensor with connector, quantity depends on part number
  • P/N SK3-1 includes one sensor, SK3-2 includes two sensors, SK3-3 includes three sensors


  • Additional magnetometer sensor with cable connector.
  • AC adapter power supply, 115 Vac, 60 Hz input, regulated 12 Vdc output (with input plug for North America).
  • AC adapter power supply with four "worldwide" voltage range and interchangeable input clips. Click here for an image of the clips.
  • Enclosure kit with mounting hardware for display, controller PCB, keyboard PCB and serial connector. The enclosure is made of polycarbonate plastic and includes cutouts for the display, keyboard and connectors. No user cutting is required.
  • USB-serial adapter (we use various brand including Trendnet and Sabrent).
  • Build Option: With the build option we install all components on both the main and keyboard PCBs and test them together with a live sensor setup in our lab. Note: The build option does not include mounting the PCBs in the optional enclosure. The build option does not include mounting the sensors in a fixture or enclosure. The build option is for buyers who wish to obtain printed circuit board assemblies that are pre-built and tested. For education purposes, we recommend purchasers build their own SAM-III if they have soldering experience. The SAM-III is not a first-time kit but can be built properly with experienced supervision.

Not included with the SAM-III Kit

  • Sensor cable (we recommend a separate cable for each magnetic sensor, direct-buried shielded twisted pair cable or direct-buried coaxial cable for outdoor installations and shielded Cat5 or better cable for indoor installations). 
  • Sensor fixture or enclosure (we recommend the builder fabricate an enclosure as described in the construction manual and suitable for their application). See above for link to the page with the manuals.

SAM-III Kit Ordering Information and Prices (subject to change)

Item Description


SK3-1 SAM-III Kit with (1) magnetometer sensor * US $231.00 each
SK3-2 SAM-III Kit with (2) magnetometer sensors * US $286.00 each
SK3-3 SAM-III Kit with (3) magnetometer sensors * US $341.00 each
EC-1 Enclosure, instrument style, polystyrene (includes hardware) Not available
BEN-1 Enclosure, Rectangular, gray polycarbonate, machined & drilled (includes hardware) US $74.50 each
ACA-1208.4 AC adapter power supply, regulated 12 Vdc, 8.4 W output (NA only) ** US $15.00 each
ACU-1210 AC adapter power supply, universal input, regulated 12 Vdc, 10 W output (Includes four "worldwide" interchangeable input clips) ** US $65.00 each
USB-1 USB-Serial adapter, USB 2.0 (Windows XP through 10) US $16.40 each
BLD-1 Build option: Construct and test the SAM-III PCBs US $100.00 each
AS-1 Additional magnetometer sensor (includes connector and filter capacitors), model FG only * US $60.00 each
US-S Shipping with insurance (US only). Determined at shipment
IN-S Shipping International See note Determined at shipment

* The Speake & Co Llanfapley FGM-3 sensors are no longer available and are replaced by an equivalent FG sensors from a different manufacturer.

** We may substitute power supplies with slightly different power ratings and part numbers based on stock on hand.


Prices do not include taxes, duties or tariffs. Charges for customs and brokerage fees may apply to international orders.

Important - Read This Before Ordering or Inquiring