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Low and Medium Frequency Band

Frequency Range: 30 - 200 kHz

Station HBG is a time/frequency station located in Prangins Switzerland on 75.0 kHz with 25 kw power. This station was logged on October 2-5, 2009. Click here for a short (36 s) MP3 recording of our reception. The transmitter is ASK modulated and the tone heard in the recording is of the 1,500 Hz BFO (receiver was set to SSB). A plot of the normalized signal amplitude over time is shown below.


Frequency Range: 200 - 530 kHz

Click here for a list of Non-Directional Beacons (NDB) in Alaska (an Excel file). The list includes the location name, identification, type, frequency, and geographic coordinates. The location names have links to WorldAeroData.Com for additional detail. However, we have found this detail to be inaccurate for some stations. Under no circumstances should the list provided here be used for navigation purposes.