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Raspberry Pi Applications

The Raspberry Pi computer platform has been adapted to several projects of interest to the radio astronomer. Operating system software and application programs are on micro-secure digital (micro-SD) memory cards and have been tested on both the Raspberry Pi model B and B+. The projects include:

Callisto-Pi & Callisto-Pi2 ~ Application that automatically  produces spectrogram images in near real-time from Callisto FITS files and sends the images to a web server and archive storage. A keyboard, mouse and display are not required. Callisto-Pi can operate in a wired or wireless network environment

Callisto-Lx ~ Linux application that runs on the Raspberry Pi (RPi) 1 model B+, RPi 2 model B or RPi 3 model B. It provides basic data collection capabilities and uses File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to send data files to the e-Callisto solar radio spectrometer network data server and also to a local Network Attached Storage (NAS) server for archiving. The application software is based on the Unix implementation at Metsähovi Radio Observatory - Aalto University, Finland, and is customized for the RPi environment.

GpsNtp-Pi ~ Application that uses a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver and the Network Time Protocol (NTP) in a standalone or pooled network time server. A keyboard, mouse and display are not required. The network time server can operate in a wired or wireless LAN and WAN environment.

LWA TV ~ Application developed at University of New Mexico that downloads and displays near real-time images of the radio sky viewed by the Long Wavelength Array west of Socorro, New Mexico USA. LWA TV requires a display such as a monitor or television with VGA or HDMI inputs. This application can operate in a wired or wireless network environment.

Flight-Pi ~ Application based on the FlightAware PiAware software for Raspberry Pi and the FlightAware receiver packaged with the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B platform.

AirSpy Server ~ Application based on the Spyserver software for ARM platforms including Raspberry Pi 3 model B and using the AirSpy R0 and R2 and AirSpy HF+ receivers with SDR# and SDR-Radio Console.