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Antenna Supporting Structure

The antenna supporting structure consists of four Rohn Industries 25G tower sections with a total height of approximately 12.8 m AGL. Antenna supporting structure construction commenced in early May 2008 and was completed in early July 2008.  We use the Elk River p/n 56422 TowerMate LE Four D-Ring fall protection harness for all work on the tower.

Pictures of Installation 

Tower foundation form built from 2x4 and 2x10 lumber.  The foundation
is buried approximately 1.1 m using the "strong-arm" method.  The form
is 1.2 m square.  This picture also shows the short tower section that is
embedded in the foundation.  Only one of the (16) #7 steel reinforcing
bars (rebar) is visible.

Foundation ready for tower erection.  The foundation consists
of 1.9 cu. m (1.2 m x 1.2 m x 1.3 m slug) of poured in-place,
reinforced concrete weighing 4,530 kg.  A "Mosquito Magnet"
may be seen to the right of the foundation.

Gin pole, with line in place, used to raise tower sections, rotator,
and antenna.  An unrelated long-wire antenna may be seen crossing
the picture.

Four sections of Rohn 25G were erected using a gin pole (previous
photograph).  The top of the 1st section is supported by a house bracket
fastened to the nearby storage shed (see next photograph).  An unrelated
long-wire antenna may be seen behind the tower.

Close-up of house bracket that provides lateral support at 3.05 m
above ground level.

Cable loom protects the coaxial cable and rotator control cable.


Tower Guys and Anchors