Long Wavelength Array Crossed-Dipole Antenna Ordering Information


The active balun and crossed-dipole antenna may be ordered as described below. A brief technical description and application information is here but for detailed technical information refer to the Long Wavelength Array Front End Electronics memorandum series. Also, this paper describes the details and motivations behind the antenna design in 2012 and provides many details such as wind survivability, construction and installation: A Wide-Band, Active Antenna System for Long Wavelength Radio Astronomy by Brian Hicks at the Naval Research Laboratory (and others).

Active Balun Configurations

The active balun, called Front-End Electronics (FEE) in the original engineering documents, consists of two identical printed circuit boards (PCB). Each PCB contains approximately 60 individual parts, all surface mounted except the RF connectors. See additional images at the bottom of this page. The usable frequency range of the FEE is approximately 500 kHz to 115 MHz (but we only test them from 5 to 110 MHz). We offer only a ready-built and tested version from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The active balun is a dual assembly and contains the electronics for use with one crossed-dipole antenna but it does not include its enclosure (the enclosure is part of the Crossed-Dipole Antenna below).

Crossed-Dipole Antenna

We offer a crossed-dipole antenna consisting of four blades (or wings) and supporting mast and rods, enclosure for the active balun and all fasteners and hardware. The design frequency range is approximately 5 to 90 MHz. The antenna we offer is identical to the antenna used at the LWA and shown below but is broken down for shipment (chicken wire ground screen and cables are not included). The four blades (or wings) that make up the two dipole antennas are ready for field assembly using common tools. The steel center mast has nominal 2.375 in (60 mm) outside diameter.

A ground stake to support the center mast is optional but is recommended for most installations. The stake is designed to be driven into the ground and includes a collet and collar assembly to hold and support the antenna mast. Other ground support methods are possible and may be necessary depending on the terrain; however, we do not support any other method at this time.

The shipping configuration depends on the number of antennas ordered. The shipping carton for one set of antenna blades is approximately 4 x 40 x 64 inches (0.1 x 1.0 x 1.6 m). The center mast and ground stake usually are shipped in separate packages. The total shipping weight for a complete antenna is approximately 50 lb (23 kg).

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Ordering **

Item Description


Availability *

LWA-FEE Front-End Electronics, Active Balun for one crossed-dipole antenna (dual assembly) US $525.50 2 to 3 weeks ARO
LWA-ANT Crossed-dipole antenna including mast US $904.85 2 to 3 weeks ARO
LWA-STK Ground stake for Item LWA-ANT US $82.50 2 to 3 weeks ARO
LWA-SYS Includes 1 each LWA-FEE, LWA-ANT, LWA-STK US $1500.00 2 to 3 weeks ARO
LWAPC LWA Power Coupler without quadrature coupler US $495.00 2 to 4 weeks ARO
LWAPC-Q LWA Power Coupler with quadrature coupler US $745.00 2 to 4 weeks ARO
LWATV-RPi Pre-programmed 8 GB micro-SD memory card with LWA TV GUI US $15.00 Stock
SHIP Shipping Determined at time of shipment  

* ARO: After Receipt of Order and payment and depending on components lead-time and availability

** Effective 1 July 2021, we are unable to ship the LWA Antenna or any order requiring international freight service.

International freight shipments have become a major problem. The paperwork has become so complicated that a dedicated shipping department is required; we do not have a dedicated shipping department. To make matters worse, every country has different requirements and regulations and these change frequently.

This forces us to suspend international shipments of the LWA Antenna, p/n LWA-ANT and LWA-SYS, or any order that requires freight shipment. Each antenna is in a package that is 63 x 36 x 8 inches and weighs 65 lb, so they have to be shipped as freight. This usually is a separate company/organization within a larger company such as FedEx, UPS and DHL, which further complicates the process. Of those, DHL is almost impossible to work with and has the worst customer service.

Our only choice is to ship the LWA Antenna only to addresses in the USA. It then is up to the purchaser to arrange to have the paperwork completed and the antenna shipped from there to the purchaser's country. We will no longer process the paperwork required to export the antenna or any order that requires a freight shipment There are companies that specialize in this type of service but we have no contacts or other info about them.

We understand this is an inconvenience to our international customers but we have no other choice. Shipments that are able to use the US Postal Service and are valued less than 2500 USD may be shipped to any destination. We will continue to ship all part numbers except LWA-ANT and LWA-SYS to international customers as long as they can be shipped by US Postal Service and the value of any given shipment is less than 2500 USD.


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