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Discovery of Radio Astronomy’s “Golden Fleece”, Julian Jove reporting

Investigators reported today (1 March 2012) that they have found the “golden fleece” of radio astronomy, the true age of the universe. In a statement released by the Far West University in North Spenard, South Dakota in the USA, Dr. Duncan Bleek reported “We have measured the age of the universe and it is 27.5 ±0.000 000 01 billion years." "This measurement is indisputable” he said. Bleek’s graduate student, Reginald Bailey, who actually did all the work but got no credit, added, “We initially depended on the recent speed of light measurements at CERN but found they were off by a factor of two. After adjusting for their errors, we arrived at the magnetic moment of the electron spin in Telluride particles at the instant of the Big Bang. By working back from there, our measurements showed the Age of Inflation actually occurred before the Big Bang and that the universe is twice as old as original thought. Needless to say, we were elated. The first thing I said was ‘WOW’ and the first thing Dr. Bleek said was ‘What the...'"