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Radio Astronomers Discover Life on Exoplanet PSR B1621-3956-1262JKR, Julian Jove reporting


In a joint mission, NASA's Kepler spacecraft has aided radio astronomers in the discovery of alien worlds, which we call exoplanets because they are outside our solar system. These discoveries have occurred at a record pace and it was inevitable that an Earth-sized planet would be found in the so-called "Goldilocks zone", an orbit that is just the right size so that the primordial soup is neither too hot nor too cold. Such a planet, a “super-Earth” was found Friday, 13 July, 2012. Chief scientist Dr. Jeffrey Stewart from the Office of Scientific Investigation and Integrity (OSII’s claim is “Our emails have never been hacked”) said at a news conference in Jasper, Wyoming that day “We setup the Gigantic Metricwave Radio Telescope (GMRT) in Punetune, French Guiana in a very long baseline interferometric combination (VLBIC, pronounced “vel-bic”) with the 769 m polar-mount dish antenna (769PMDA) at Tarbank, Khazkhanablhakinski in the former Soviet Union. We tested the “Gaia hypothesis” by combining several scientific research methods including the “coded mask method” and the “radio shadow eclipsing test” and used them to detect the interaction of 1675 MHz hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) emissions with the paramagnetic field in the inter-stellar medium (ISPMF). As a result we found decadal carbon-phosphorus lines at 30.1 and 301.0 MHz that resulted from combined processes of chemical galvanism and electro-biology. These are indisputably clear evidence that life exists outside our solar system. To add garnish on the soup, we found that, unlike here on Earth, this newly discovered life appears to have actual intelligence.” Dr. Stewart would not elaborate “for security reasons,” but he later said “Our measurements have an uncertainty of about 2 parts per trillion (ppt). You cannot get much better than that.” A collaborator, Dr. Henry Gatewood, of OSII’s sister organization, Office of Science Effects and Ethics (OSEE), added a startling revelation “We not only discovered life on another planet but we detected very strong evidence, determined by a disciplined application of the “Regional Climate Change Hyper-Matrix Framework” that a strong stellar flare hit the planet like 3 million dead cats causing it to undergo global climate change.”