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 Plan Now to Observe the 2199 Polarnid Meteor Shower and Associated Electromagnetic Phenomena

This exclusive offer to observe electromagnetic phenomena associated with meteor trails is available only to members in good standing as of 31 February 2099. We
 have made special arrangements with the Nepalese Navy to
 send a repeating Morse code (KMA) from their 4.6 trillion watt over-the-horizon VHF transmitter. Unlike other expeditions, observers will not be limited to forward- and backward-scatter meteor trail reflections. You will be able to receive these transmissions as they are bounced off meteors. This is your chance to observe true meteor electrophonics and not the phony ones caused by thumping speakers in cars driven by punks. A special treat will be the chance to test the illusive meteor dust attachment hypothesis. Expedition observers will be hauled around in our luxurious Boeing 747-1204 that has been specially modified for flight at F-Layer altitudes. An added feature of the air adventure will be special appearances and presentations by NRAO Area 51 radio astronomers. We will make special stops for local site-seeing, native dancing and blanket toss at Tin City along the beautiful northwest coast of Alaska, Timbuktoo along the River Niger, and Nolock Shėlack in Scotland. Inoculations for the Andromeda Strain and Satan Bug will be required prior to travel. Each member will be supplied with a Scream'nRF SDR receiver and Tail-Mounted Moxon-IR Twin-Terminated Logarithmic Sloper Antenna (TM-MIR2TLSA). Meals not included. To reserve, call Broadway 4-1735 and leave message. Don't miss this once in a lifetime event. Void where prohibited.