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CALLISTO Receiver Construction

The CALLLISTO kit includes bagged components and aluminum enclosure. The CALLISTO may be purchased
ready-built and tested, in which case it is built from the kit.

Printed circuit board - Top, without components. Layout is well-designed with separation of RF and IF components
from digital, power and baseband components. The coupling/impedance matching transformers for 36.13 and
10.7 MHz IF are in the lower-right corner

Printed circuit board - Bottom. Most passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors) are mounted on the

Close-up image of some surface mount devices, size 0805. All ready-built and tested receivers are hand-built.

Completed receiver showing the rear panel (left) with input/output connectors. Included are antenna and clock RF
connectors, video (audio) connector, EIA-232 serial port connector (DB-9F) and Focal Plan Unit connector (DB-25F).
The front panel (right) has a dc power jack, On/Off switch and power indicating LED.

Interior view of completed receiver, ready for testing. The silver module in the middle is the tuner, which
includes RF input and down-conversion functions (see next image). The tuner is a Phillips CD1316L/IVP-3 with
IEC (PAL) connectors for RF input/RF output. The RF output connector on the tuner is not used.

Interior view of tuner that had to be replaced. RF input is the compartment at the upper-right and RF
output (not used) is the compartment on the lower-right. The tuner is a digitally controlled analog RF device.

Receiver (left) on test bench with Callisto software running on lab PC (right)