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Model UPC-1 Heterodyne Up-Converter ~ 20 to 90 MHz RF Input, 220 to 290 MHz IF Output

Application: The UPC-1 Up-Converter is designed for use with the Callisto instrument and the Long Wavelength Array (LWA) antenna, but it may be used with other receiver and antenna systems. Callisto and UPC-1 ordering information is available here and LWA antenna ordering information is available here.

Operation: The RF input is first applied to a 20 to 90 MHz bandpass filter and then amplified approximately 22 dB by a low noise amplifier. A voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), tuned to 200 MHz, is mixed with the filtered RF input to provide an IF output range of 220 to 290 MHz. The mixer conversion loss is approximately 6 dB, so the converter net gain is 16 dB. The VCO may be adjusted to any frequency within the range of approximately 160 to 350 MHz. A universal power supply printed circuit board (PCB) uses linear low noise, low dropout voltage regulators and allows a variety of amplifiers and voltage controlled oscillators to be used in this and other converters.

Specifications (all values are nominal):

  • RF input frequency range: 20 to 90 MHz

  • RF input connector: Type N-female

  • IF output frequency range: 220 to 290 MHz

  • IF output connector: Type N-female

  • Input voltage: 15 Vdc

  • Input current: 100 mA maximum

  • Input power connector: 2.1x5.5 mm coaxial jack (center positive +)

  • Gain: 16 dB

  • Dimensions: 168 mm long x 110 mm wide x 79 mm high

  • Weight: 1 kg

Documentation: UPC-1 Up-Converter Installation and Setup Instructions

Block diagram:



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