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CALLISTO Receiver Configuration at Reeve Observatory

The block diagram below shows the e-CALLISTO configuration at Reeve Observatory, Anchorage, Alaska USA. It consists of the CALLISTO Receiver, low noise tower-mounted amplifier and LNA power coupler assemblies, log periodic antenna, antenna rotator, filters and a PC for controlling all assemblies and gathering and storing data.

Real-time spectrograms at Reeve Observatory

Real-time light-curve data at Reeve Observatory

CALLISTO Receiver Construction: Click here for a gallery of photographs taken of the initial North American receivers during construction and testing

Tower-Mounted Low Noise Amplifier: Click here for details of the production tower-mounted amplifier available with the CALLISTO Receiver

CALLISTO Antenna System: Click here for a description of the CALLISTO antenna system including the rotator, controller and low-noise preamplifier

e-CALLISTO and CALLISTO Presentations and Articles:

First Major Flare Measured at Anchorage, Alaska USA: The first major flare of the new 11 year cycle (Cycle 24) was recorded just before 0200 UTC, February 15, 2011 at Reeve Observatory using an e-CALLISTO spectrometer commissioned the day before. At the time of the event, the Sun was setting and was about 4 degrees above the horizon. In a message to RHESSI (Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager) collaborators:

"NOAA 1158, was the source of the first X-class flare of Solar Cycle 24. 1158 produced an X2.2 event at 02/15/01:45 UT. 1158 also produced an M2.2 at 02/14/17:26 UT. Both events were associated with Earth directed CMEs. 1158 maintains its strong delta configuration located within the intermediate portion of its large magnetically complex E-type/beta gamma delta sunspot group."

Equipment consisted of:

  • e-CALLISTO receiver (eC37)

  • Yaesu G-450A rotator (tracking the Sun at time of event)

  • KMA 144-500 log periodic antenna

  • Callisto and PstRotator software

Note: Items 2 and 3 comprised an interim antenna system and have been since replaced by a Yaesu G-800SA rotator and Creative Design CLP5130-1N log periodic antenna.

Spectrograms of the 0200 UTC 15 February 2011 event:

Additional solar flare events:

Spectrum of 1901 UTC 15 March 2011 event. Click here for additional spectrograms.