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Long-Wire Antenna

These antennas were removed from service in 2011. The antenna farm also includes two random-length, long-wire antennas terminated in so-called Magnetic Longwire Baluns (MLB); these baluns are connected to RG58C/U coaxial cable transmission lines approximately 10-15 m long.  One long-wire antenna is oriented 330 TN.  Approximately one-half of the other long-wire antenna is oriented north-south with the other half oriented east-west. 

Photographs of Long-Wire Antennas

This view shows the two long-wire antenna terminations.  The lower-left
antenna is attached directly to an eye-bolt on the eave.  The
Palomar Engineers MLB is the small cylindrical component between
the wire and the eye-bolt.  The far-end of this antenna is attached to
a pulley on a tree and has a 5 kg weight attached to it at the far end
to provide constant tension.  The upper antenna uses a storm-door
spring for tension and is attached to a short mast as shown.  The
RF Systems MLB for this antenna may be seen above and to the right
of the spring).